[SimGrid-user] SimGrid usability efforts and next release

Martin Quinson martin.quinson at loria.fr
Sun May 31 00:49:00 CEST 2015

Hello friends,

today is the anniversary of our last stable version: v3.11 was
released on May 31 2014... We should thus release v3.12 to get all the
good things that occured meanwhile out of the door.

To prepare this release (and hopefully prevent such a delay in the
next release cycle), we decided to devote every Tuesday to the user
support: on that day, we improve the doc, iron out bugs and polish the
examples. The amount of broken regresion tests decreases quickly.

Help us to fix the things that bother YOU before the release!

* Report all bugs that you see, even simple typos or doc inaccuracy.
  Preferably at: http://github.com/mquinson/simgrid/issues

* Provide patches and test cases for the existing bugs if possible

* Provide examples and implementations of the stock algorithms against
  which you are comparing you own contribution. Don't worry if your
  code is not perfect, such stock implementations are very precious to
  our scientific instrument, we will do the grunt integration work.

* Stop by on Tuesdays, have a chat and polish things with us. On IRC,
  #simgrid at oftc.net (web version: http://webchat.oftc.net/)

Thanks for helping us helping you ;)

Don't comment bad code – rewrite it.  Brian Kernighan & P.J. Plauger
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