[SimGrid-user] Scheduling Distributed with SimGrid

Martin Quinson martin.quinson at ens-rennes.fr
Tue Jul 11 18:15:35 CEST 2017


this is a tough question. MSG was specifically designed for distributed scheduling algorithms, so it should be well adapted for that. But then, this API is really aging and a lot of people just hate it nowadays. This is why we are in the process of designing s4u, a brand new API for simgrid. 

I think that if you feel more confident in C, then go for MSG which should be somewhat OK for your study. If you prefer C++, then go for s4u (we did not had the time to port this API to java or python yet). 

Please be warned that the s4u API may still be modified from one simgrid release to the other. We try to avoid this, but it can still happen. 

Is this answering your question? If not, please elaborate. I seem to be missing some words in your mail :) 

Bye, Mt. 

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> Hello SimGrid team,

> I'm trying to devise a distributed approach to the work I've been working on,
> so I know I'll have to use the new S4U, or MSG.

> In the initial phase of the work, a fuzzy system was developed to treat the
> uncertainties in the computational power and communication cost variables,
> generating as output the priority of each machine to receive the tasks.

> To apply the priority obtained with the fuzzy system I made use of the MSG
> API and I elaborated some platforms using as base app-masterworker_d.xml.

> Now I want to apply the distributed approach to the proposed solution and the
> question that arises is: How in SimGrid should I apply it? In the design of
> the platform placing other hosts as master in the platform definition file,
> or directly in the design of the algorithm.

> Any examples you can use as a basis?

> Thanks,

> Best regards,

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> Bruno Moura Paz de Moura

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