[SimGrid-user] SimGrid 3.16 is expected to be released by June 21.

Adrien Lebre (Inria) adrien.lebre at inria.fr
Fri Jun 9 09:15:49 CEST 2017

> On 08 Jun 2017, at 22:42, Martin Quinson <martin.quinson at ens-rennes.fr> wrote:
> Dear all,
> we are trying to release SimGrid every 3 months, so the next version
> should happen in about 2 weeks now. This mails aims at keep you posted
> on what is going on in the source code currently, and there is a lot
> to say. I even think that the codename of v3.16 will be "Blooming
> Spring", given the amount of work that was done since last release.
> SMPI performance were further improved, using various OS-level magic
> to speed up our virtualization of the MPI code to be run. This allowed
> Tom to run a simulation of HPL involving 10^6 processes... Wow. 
> The dlopen privatization schema should even allows to run your ranks
> in parallel (even if it's not well tested yet).
> On the Cloud side, we implemented multi-core VMs, which naturally acts
> as containers of processes. The sharing is still somewhat
> questionnable, but this is the purpose of the pull request #181 on
> GitHub. This should be fixed before the release.

Nice to see new features around VMs and Clouds.
Highly appreciated ! 

Thanks for all your great work !
Inria Researcher (on leave from Mines Nantes)

> S4U, the future interface of SimGrid 4.0 also progressed quite a bit.
> The Storage is currently cleaned up by Fred, and some API changes are
> to be expected. We are sorry but the exisiting API is so crappy that
> nobody ever used it, I guess. If you need it, please speak up soon!
> We renamed AS into NetZone in the XML files (but the old one still
> work so no rush to update your platform). Since our platforms are
> hierarchical, it makes no sense to name our zones "Autonomous
> Systems". Some other documentation pages got updated and modified. If
> you see a particularly old, misleading or otherwise ugly doc page,
> please tell us and we'll fix it. Even typo reports are welcome.
> But most of the work on S4U is not directly visible from the user. We
> rewamped the whole code of activities (comms, execs, mutex, etc) to
> not mix the applicative logic (calling test() or wait()) with the
> object refcounting. Now, you can test your comm object as many time as
> you want. This change was really intrusive in our internals, and we're
> not done with restabilizing every bits, but we're on it.
> Still on the S4U front, we managed to remove a few more XBT modules.
> We prefer to use the std or boost libraries nowadays, and switching
> away from the XBT module enable to reduce our maintainance burden. Be
> warned that XBT will not always remain included in SimGrid. 
> On the infrastructure side, we are trying to setup a regular build
> task for the main projects using SimGrid, to check that our changes
> don't break them. The one of StarPU is close to be working (even if
> not completely). If you want to have your own code tested regularly
> against the SimGrid git to warn us about breakage that we introduce,
> please come to us. We can grant you the right to do the needed config
> in our Jenkins instance.
> v3.16 will also contain the usual bug fixes, such as the jarfile that
> should now work on Mac OSX (this time for real :) or the Java bindings
> that should now be clear of any memory leak.
> And the work for v3.17 started already. Here are some changesets that
> are not ready to be included yet but may well be part of 3.17:
> - Energy modeling for the network too
> - New reduction algorithm for the model-checker, based on event
>   folding structures
> - multi-model simulations, to specify a differing networking model
>   for each netzone.
> We have a plenty of other ideas and ongoing areas, but the most
> important is that SimGrid is a free software. You too can contribute
> your ideas to the melting pot and share them with our collegues.
> See you soon, on the mailing list or elsewhere, 
> Mt.
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