[SimGrid-user] SMPI tracing

Ali Omar Abdelazim Mohammed ali.mohammed at unibas.ch
Tue Jun 13 13:20:39 CEST 2017


I have few questions/issues regarding simp simulations:

1. Parameters passed to the simulated application seems to be lost, and the arguments seems to get a default value, for example I run my program as:

smpirun -np 9 -platform xeon_platform.xml -hostfile hosts_test --cfg=smpi/host-speed:38300000000 ./ObjectLoaderTest 8000 5 0.1 0.5 0 Roff 1

However, my application complains that input parameters are not correct, for example arg[1] which is 8000 is read as 1.

So how to pass the parameters to the simulated application correctly

2. Setting the smpi/host-speed does not accept for example 38.3Gf, therefore I have to use --cfg=smpi/host-speed:38300000000. I tried also setting it in the platform file using configuration tags, but also Gf is not accepted. Is there a method to pass the units as the speed in the platform file ?

3. I generated a time independent trace of my application. I am wondering on the format of the trace, I got for example:

0 send 6 2478798 0
0 send 6 2478798 0
0 send 7 1 1
0 send 7 826266 0
0 send 7 826266 0
0 send 7 826266 0
0 compute 25885

I understand from this paper “Simulation of MPI Applications with Time-Independent Traces” at https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01064561/document that

1. The first number is the my rank
2. send/recv MPI call
3. source/dest rank
4. bytes sent/received
5. I could not find information what the last number represents, could you clarify this for me?

Thanks for your help,


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