[SimGrid-user] Using the Cluster tag in the platform file

Ahmed Hamdy Mohamed Eleliemy ahmed.eleliemy at unibas.ch
Tue Jun 13 19:25:58 CEST 2017

Hi everyone,

I am trying to represent a small cluster in a platform file to use it with SMPI. I am using the cluster tag in my platform representation. However, I am facing a problem with respect to the representation multi-core host in the cluster tag.
I do the following
 <cluster id="miniHPC" prefix="cl-node" suffix="" radical="0-23" core="20" speed="38.3Gf"  bw="100Gbps" lat="100ns"   topology="FAT_TREE" topo_parameters="2;12,2;1,2;2,12"/>
my question:
1. Does SimGrid realise the messages between cores? i.e, I mean mpi ranks on cores belong to the same host should encounter different bandwidth and latency comparing to mpi ranks running on cores of different hosts.
2. If yes, what is default bandwidth and the latency? how to change it especially when using the cluster tag.

Best regards

Ahmed Eleliemy
High Performance Computing Group
Mathematics and Computer Science Department
University of Basel
Spiegelgasse 1
CH-4051 Basel Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)768232581

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