[SimGrid-user] Dotload problem

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First question how did you install simgrid?
If you install it with a Debian package the issue should come from the package generation/configuration.

If you compile it from the source the following is for you:

I don't know on which distribution and which version of the graphviz packaged you have.
However the function SD_dotloader is present only if the macro HAVE_GRAPHVIZ is defined.
You can force this macro in the advanced mode of CMake. I don't recommend it.

But CMake set it if it found cgraph.h and libcgraph.so and libcdt.so

On Debian all these files are provided by libgraphviz-dev c.f. https://packages.debian.org/wheezy/amd64/libgraphviz-dev/filelist

May be I tell you something that you already know. Could you check that these files are present?

If you install this library after having done a first time cmake in the Simgrid project you could try to remove the CMakeCache.

I hope it will help you.


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I never saw such issue. Maybe it's another form of the problem described in this page:

Please tell us if it helps.



I am  working on dag scheduling with simgrid.
Evrythink is okay with "SD_daxload( )" but when I tried to compile the program with gcc to load a .dot source using the SD_dotload( )function, it gave an error that "undefined reference to SD_dotload( ) ".
However, the graphviz, graphviz-dev, and libgraphviz-dev packages are installed.

Has anyone encountered the same issue?


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