[SimGrid-user] SimGrid v3.17 release

Martin Quinson martin.quinson at ens-rennes.fr
Sun Oct 8 23:10:58 CEST 2017


we just released SimGrid v3.17. It is dubbed the "The Drained Leaks
release", because almost no known memleak remains, despite testing.

In short, the most visible changes are the following:
 * Many many internal cleanups (almost 700 commits since 3.16).
 * The coverage of our tests is above 80%.
 * All memleaks but one plugged; A dozen of bugs fixed.
 * XBT: Further replace XBT with std::* constructs.

You should read the full changelog (in attachment) for further details
before installing. If something goes wrong for you, please let us know
by openning an issue on github.

Happy hacking,

Testis unus, testis nullius.
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SimGrid (3.17) Released October 8 2017

 The Drained Leaks release: (almost) no known leaks despite the tests.

 Even very long simulations will preserve your memory: our testsuite
 stresses SimGrid for over 45mn on fast machines for a coverage of
 over 80%, and there is only one single known leak, of about 4kb.

  - Comm.detach(): start and forget about asynchronous emission. A cleanup
    handler may be given to free resources if the comm cannot be completed.
  - this_actor::send(mailbox) is now mailbox->put()
  - New: simgrid::s4u::Comm::wait_all()
  - New: Host.execute() for remote executions.

  - Unused option network/sender-gap is removed.

  - Deprecate MSG_task_isend_with_matching(): This unused feature
    really complicates our internals. Will be removed in v3.20.

  - Improved context termination.  It is now possible to free resources, even
    when a process is forcibly killed.
  - ContextBoost: add support for Boost versions above 1.61.

 - Bring back run-time option --cfg=exception/cutpath to remove exception
 - Removed unused functions:
   - xbt/str.h: xbt_str_split_str(), xbt_str_subst(), xbt_str_ltrim(),
       xbt_str_rtrim(), xbt_str_trim().
   - xbt/xbt_os_thread.h: xbt_os_thread_cancel(), xbt_os_thread_detach().

 - Removed header files obsolete since SimGrid 3.12:
   msg/datatypes.h, msg/msg.h, simdag/datatypes.h, simdag/simdag.h.
 - Fix many bugs:
   - #3: SD_exit should be made optional
   - #120: Memory leak when the processes are forcefully killed
   - #159: Threading test regression in Actor refcounting
   - #170: simgrid::s4u::Comm::wait_any() returns too many comms
   - #185: simgrid::s4u::Engine::instance()->shutdown() segfaults
   - #186: Actor::killAll() segfaults if some process is blocked on wait()
   - #191: VM migration and pstate
   - #192: Updating the energy consumptions of all hosts crashes with VMs
   - #195: All actors have PID=0 in the logs
   - #204: Sometimes segfault with thread contexts and mmap privatization
   - #222: Actor::kill() doesn't really kill and segfaults
   - #225: Actor::kill() doesn't really kill when victims are doing a join()
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