[SimGrid-user] About network topology generator

Cyril cyril.seguin at ens-lyon.fr
Mon Apr 30 09:28:58 CEST 2018

Hello Arnaud,

Thanks for your precise answer.

Le 26/04/2018 à 18:04, Arnaud Legrand a écrit :
> Hello Cyril,
> Le 25/04/2018 à 16:11, Cyril a écrit :
>> I'm currently surveying some network topology generators (like BRITE,
>> GT-ITM, ...) that automatically generate different topologies to be used
>> in network experiments.
> There has been a lot of work on this topic in the years 1995-2005. We
> used to talk a lot about this when presenting SimGrid. See for example
> (slides 71-87):
> https://people.irisa.fr/Martin.Quinson/Teaching/SDR/simgrid-tutorial.pdf
> Our conclusion back then was probably that the problem is not well
> formulated and in particular, topology alone is useless without
> information about the network and CPU characteristics.

I agree, topology alone is useless. Some tools allow to specify 
bandwidth and latency (BRITE, FNSS). It's a good beginning :)

> I don't know if much has been done since. Furthermore, topologies (with
> cloud, fog, etc.) must have evolved a bit...  Anyway, as far as we
> (Martin, Frédéric, myself, ...) are concerned, most of our efforts
> rather shifted  toward the modeling of real platforms than generating
> synthetic ones. There are a few uggly perl scripts around allowing to
> convert brite or gt-itm topologies into SimGrid platforms but I don't
> think anyone used them since several years so they probably would have
> to be adapted.

For the moment, the most recent tool I have used date from 2012 (FNSS : 
A toolchain for simplifying Network Simulation Setup) .
The first experiments show it does not scale well compare to others (no 
more than 6000 nodes for a random flat topology,with p=0.1) but I guess 
it could be enough.

> If you dig new works on this topic, I'm sure many people on the mailing
> list would be interested (at least, *I* would be ;) so feel free to
> share your thoughts and finding on this topic. Btw, do you have any
> particular use in mind ?

Currently, the main idea it to provide tools that allow users to deploy 
and deploy again the same topology config (nb of nodes, links, latency, 
bandwidth, ...) to make reproducible experiments. The main application 
would be "network security" but it can be extended to other application.

> Best,
>    Arnaud


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