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First of all thank you for your answer, and then I also want to ask how the white arrow is displayed in your attached file. There are no arrows in my figure, only the histogram is shown. Thanks again.

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This trace is rather weird as only two processes finish properly. It may come from a run ending in a deadlock ?

But I found an annoying bug with receive tracing when MPI_STATUS_IGNORE is used, which indeed led to endlink events not being generated. It should be fixed on the trunk (commit  6e9d32f8c, will be soon on github). So links should be visible now on the trace, I checked with your code (see attached file).

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2018-05-27 5:18 GMT+02:00 起小点 <869971672 at qq.com>:
I use the MPI simulation module in SimGrid to generate a trace file for the MPI source code simulation run. This is my MPI source code (roundtrip.c), the result of executing the source code (Figures 4 and 5) and the generated trace file (smpi_simgrid.trace), and the graphics of the trace file visualization (Figures 6, 7 and 8) . I want to know the specific meaning of each number in the trace file. I have read the following PDF file (lang-paje.pdf), which only explains some of the numeric meanings. Other numbers hope someone can help me explain what it stands for(as shown by the red question marks in Figures 1, 2 and 3). Thank you!

I tried reading the trace file with pajeng and pj_dump. The result is shown in the figures pajeng.png and pajeng1.png. But I do not understand that the execution time has a negative value.I hope you can help me and answer this question again.  Thank you very much.


MPI_trace_trace file visualization.7z (1.13M, 无限期)进入下载页面:https://mail.qq.com/cgi-bin/ftnExs_download?k=683437643781dc9eea82ed574562034e51065453545a57561f0c0f07054f050300031a5d0651074c5102545151555302570351056347312c627d6810110352046d404505000711075b585244150b421453585e1e0216580e5c1a001e635f&t=exs_ftn_download&code=247dcb1a

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