[SimGrid-user] Multiple NPB applications run on a single topology (platform)

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There is actually an experimental way to run multiple online instances in
SMPI as well, using the same method as
This example lauches one MSG (irrelevant in your case) instance, and also
two different simple MPI ones.

Indeed the "main" functions from each instance have to be turned into
separate entrypoints functions in a new .c file.

Smpirun can't be used in this scenario, running has to be done directly and
a deployment xml file written by hand. You can check
for an example (well maybe you can use the script in the example millian
talked about for this, but I'm not sure)  :

./masterslave_mailbox_smpi ../../platforms/small_platform_with_routers.xml
./deployment_masterslave_mailbox_smpi.xml --log=smpi.:info

I would also strongly advise to use --cfg=smpi/privatization:1 to have a
better handling of global variables as your case could be really tricky.

Best regards,

Le jeu. 8 nov. 2018 à 16:14, Millian Poquet <millian.poquet at inria.fr> a
écrit :

> Hi,
> From what I understood you would like to simulate the execution of
> concurrent MPI applications on the same platform.
> I think this feature is only possible for offline simulation for the
> moment in SimGrid.
> By offline simulation I mean replaying the execution of traces rather than
> executing the applications' code online.
> One simple way to execute concurrent traces could be the following.
> 1. Obtain an execution trace from your applications.
>    This (under construction?) tutorial shows how to get a trace from
> smpirun.
> https://simgrid.frama.io/simgrid/Tutorial_MPI_Applications.html#lab-2-tracing-and-replay-of-lu
> 2. Execute the several applications on the same time.
>    A SimGrid illustration of this can be found in the smpi/replay_multiple
> example.
> https://framagit.org/simgrid/simgrid/tree/master/examples/smpi/replay_multiple
> If you plan to work on the scheduling of such applications, you could be
> more interested in
> using Batsim rather than SimGrid directly. In this case the steps would be:
> 1. Obtain the execution trace of your applications.
> 2. Generate a Batsim workload using these traces.
>    https://batsim.readthedocs.io/en/latest/input-workload.html
> 3. Then run Batsim on the desired platform with the desired scheduler (or
> do your own).
>    https://batsim.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tuto-first-simulation/tuto.html
> I hope this helps,
> --
> Dr. Millian Poquet
> Postdoc Researcher, Myriads Team, Inria/IRISA
> https://mpoquet.github.io
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> topology        (platform)
> Hi all,
> I wanna to implement an idea to analyze the effect of link sharing among
> multiple application.
> Using simgrid, is it possible to run multiple NPB applications on a single
> (same) topology?
> These applications may share the same link with limited bandwidth.
> If it is possible, do I need to write my own application .c file? Or just
> need to change/add some parameters for smpirun?
> I saw that the batsim simulator can simulate scheduling algorithms but
> with computing center behavior. Does it help?
> https://gitlab.inria.fr/batsim/batsim
> Any comment or advice is really appreciated!
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