[SimGrid-user] Multiple NPB applications run on a single topology (platform)

yao hu huyao0107 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 17:59:22 CET 2018

Hi Millian and Augustin,

Thanks very much for your recommendations.
These really help.

Actually, I am now using Batsim and successfully run the first simulation
as described in

I get started to implement my own mapping/scheduling algorithm in Batsim. I
already know that Batsim uses the round robin way on nodes as the default
way when mapping an application onto a specified platform.
My question is that is it possible to modify the (round robin) mapping
algorithm, e.g., the mapped nodes form a connected topology such as 2-D
mesh (the default round robin algorithm may disaggregate the embedded

Thanks again for your help!

2018年11月9日(金) 0:29 Augustin DEGOMME <adegomme at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> There is actually an experimental way to run multiple online instances in
> SMPI as well, using the same method as
> https://framagit.org/simgrid/simgrid/blob/master/examples/smpi/smpi_msg_masterslave.
> This example lauches one MSG (irrelevant in your case) instance, and also
> two different simple MPI ones.
> Indeed the "main" functions from each instance have to be turned into
> separate entrypoints functions in a new .c file.
> Smpirun can't be used in this scenario, running has to be done directly
> and a deployment xml file written by hand. You can check
> https://framagit.org/simgrid/simgrid/blob/master/examples/smpi/smpi_msg_masterslave/deployment_masterslave_mailbox_smpi.xml
> for an example (well maybe you can use the script in the example millian
> talked about for this, but I'm not sure)  :
> ./masterslave_mailbox_smpi ../../platforms/small_platform_with_routers.xml
> ./deployment_masterslave_mailbox_smpi.xml --log=smpi.:info
> --cfg=smpi/simulate-computation:no
> I would also strongly advise to use --cfg=smpi/privatization:1 to have a
> better handling of global variables as your case could be really tricky.
> Best regards,
> Augustin
> Le jeu. 8 nov. 2018 à 16:14, Millian Poquet <millian.poquet at inria.fr> a
> écrit :
>> Hi,
>> From what I understood you would like to simulate the execution of
>> concurrent MPI applications on the same platform.
>> I think this feature is only possible for offline simulation for the
>> moment in SimGrid.
>> By offline simulation I mean replaying the execution of traces rather
>> than executing the applications' code online.
>> One simple way to execute concurrent traces could be the following.
>> 1. Obtain an execution trace from your applications.
>>    This (under construction?) tutorial shows how to get a trace from
>> smpirun.
>> https://simgrid.frama.io/simgrid/Tutorial_MPI_Applications.html#lab-2-tracing-and-replay-of-lu
>> 2. Execute the several applications on the same time.
>>    A SimGrid illustration of this can be found in the
>> smpi/replay_multiple example.
>> https://framagit.org/simgrid/simgrid/tree/master/examples/smpi/replay_multiple
>> If you plan to work on the scheduling of such applications, you could be
>> more interested in
>> using Batsim rather than SimGrid directly. In this case the steps would
>> be:
>> 1. Obtain the execution trace of your applications.
>> 2. Generate a Batsim workload using these traces.
>>    https://batsim.readthedocs.io/en/latest/input-workload.html
>> 3. Then run Batsim on the desired platform with the desired scheduler (or
>> do your own).
>> https://batsim.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tuto-first-simulation/tuto.html
>> I hope this helps,
>> --
>> Dr. Millian Poquet
>> Postdoc Researcher, Myriads Team, Inria/IRISA
>> https://mpoquet.github.io
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>> topology        (platform)
>> Hi all,
>> I wanna to implement an idea to analyze the effect of link sharing among
>> multiple application.
>> Using simgrid, is it possible to run multiple NPB applications on a
>> single (same) topology?
>> These applications may share the same link with limited bandwidth.
>> If it is possible, do I need to write my own application .c file? Or just
>> need to change/add some parameters for smpirun?
>> I saw that the batsim simulator can simulate scheduling algorithms but
>> with computing center behavior. Does it help?
>> https://gitlab.inria.fr/batsim/batsim
>> Any comment or advice is really appreciated!
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