[SimGrid-user] [installation] Fortran support in SMPI

yao hu huyao0107 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 09:47:29 CET 2018

Hi simgrid users,

I encounter a new problem when installing simgrid3.21 from the source (in
win10+ubuntu subsystem).
I installed simgrid3.21 in /opt/simgrid/, but after installation* smpiff
and smpif90* do not exist in the folder /opt/simgird/bin/ (though there are
smpicc, smpixx,....)

I make clean and cmake again, and it seems Fortran is not supported for
SMPI. It still does not work after I modified the *src/internal_config.h*
as follows.

/* Fortran language is available for SMPI, and which one */
   #define SMPI_FORTRAN 0 --> 1
   #define SMPI_GFORTRAN 0 --> 1

bin/ has smpiff but it still has problems:
bin/smpiff: 204: bin/smpiff: -o.o: not found

Then how do I enable Fortran for SMPI during the installation?
Any help is appreciated!
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