[SimGrid-user] Are time-independent tracing ranks OK?

Fabien Chaix chaix at ics.forth.gr
Wed Nov 14 17:58:11 CET 2018


I am trying to use Time-independent traces on various MPI applications 
with latest git version.

I am looking into implementing SendRecv that is needed for some apps, 
but this is not my main concern.

I am a bit confused about the ranks being used in the trace. I would 
believe that MPI ranks go from 0 to $size-1, but trace files start from 
1. I also get sendrecv event to $size that are causing the simulation to 
fail. Perhaps the f2c structure in the middle is messing things up (my 
code is written in c)?

I think I can get to the bottom of this, but if someone knows the right 
way, will be faster and cleaner ;-)



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