[SimGrid-user] segmentation fault in replay_multiple

yao hu huyao0107 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 08:20:36 CET 2018


I intend to execute multiple applications on the same time.
I looked into the example of smpi/replay_multiple, however it crashes after
doing the following:

$ smpicc -O3 replay_multiple.c -o replay_multiple
$ ./generate_multiple_deployment.sh -platform
../../platforms/small_platform_with_routers.xml -hostfile ../hostfile
description_file deployment.xml
$ ./replay_multiple description_file
../../platforms/small_platform_with_routers.xml deployment.xml
--log=smpi.:info --cfg=maxmin/concurrency-limit:100
Segmentation fault

The description file and platform file are originally from the example
Is there something wrong with the setting? Thanks very much for your help.
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