[SimGrid-user] Geography Markup Language to XML Platform files

Arnaud Legrand arnaud.legrand at imag.fr
Mon Nov 26 22:43:07 CET 2018

Hi Adrien,

Le 26/11/2018 à 17:28, Adrien Lebre a écrit :
> We (at STACK research group) are working on fog/edge simulations. In
> that context, we are wondering whether someone  from the Simgrid
> community already tried to convert GML (geography markup language) to
> Simgrid platform files. Our goal would be to leverage  the internet zoo
> topology (http://www.topology-zoo.org/) to conduct representative
> fog/edge simulations.

AFAIK this has never been done.

> PS: it should not be a big deal but we are asking in order to prevent
> reinventing the wheel once again ;)

The main issue with these graphs is they provide you with the topology
but lack quantitative information.

Some of them provide some bandwidth information for the links but in
general there is no latency information. It would probably be a bit
haphazard but maybe the lat/long information could be used to derive
some latency value...

Most files are small so using the floyd routing algorithm should work
(in term of performance). It relies on the number of hops, which has has
no reason to be faithful but why not ?

As a summary, there is probably no good solution for this but I totally
understand the need and the difficulty... In any cases, feel free to
share the scripts you'll come up with. I'm sure everyone will be interested.



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