[SimGrid-user] Geography Markup Language to XML Platform files

Adrien Lebre adrien.lebre at inria.fr
Mon Nov 26 22:52:34 CET 2018

Hi Anraud, 

Thanks for your answer, 
See my comments inline. 

> On 26 Nov 2018, at 22:43, Arnaud Legrand <arnaud.legrand at imag.fr> wrote:
> Hi Adrien,
> Le 26/11/2018 à 17:28, Adrien Lebre a écrit :
>> We (at STACK research group) are working on fog/edge simulations. In
>> that context, we are wondering whether someone  from the Simgrid
>> community already tried to convert GML (geography markup language) to
>> Simgrid platform files. Our goal would be to leverage  the internet zoo
>> topology (http://www.topology-zoo.org/) to conduct representative
>> fog/edge simulations.
> AFAIK this has never been done.

Ok so we are going to give a look.

>> PS: it should not be a big deal but we are asking in order to prevent
>> reinventing the wheel once again ;)
> The main issue with these graphs is they provide you with the topology
> but lack quantitative information.
> Some of them provide some bandwidth information for the links but in
> general there is no latency information. It would probably be a bit
> haphazard but maybe the lat/long information could be used to derive
> some latency value…

Alexandre in CC already did  such a derivation (from the geographic information, one can compute an estimate of the latency). 
it is not as good as we would like but.. if someone has a better proposal, please feel free ;-)

> Most files are small so using the floyd routing algorithm should work
> (in term of performance). It relies on the number of hops, which has has
> no reason to be faithful but why not ?
> As a summary, there is probably no good solution for this but I totally
> understand the need and the difficulty... In any cases, feel free to
> share the scripts you'll come up with. I'm sure everyone will be interested.

We will keep in touch
AFAIK, some folks working around pybatsim also work(ed) in that direction. 

> Best,
>    Arnaud

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