[Why3-club] plugins on OS X

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at polytechnique.org
Fri Feb 3 16:20:43 CET 2012


Preparing for an upcoming course on Why 3 I installed it on my machine, 
using godi. When I run
why3config --detect
I get an error at the end:

== Found /Users/schmitta/godi/lib/why3/whytptp.cmxs ==
The plugin /Users/schmitta/godi/lib/why3/whytptp.cmxs dynlink failed :
anomaly: File "src/config.ml", line 13, characters 27-33: Assertion 

Is there an issue with using plugins on OS X Lion (it seems that native 
dynlink does not work)? If so, does this remove much functionality of 
Why3? Is there a way to compile the plugins in the program?

I looked through the archives and bug reports but could not find help 



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