[Why3-club] Make why3session.xml file from command line?

Claude Marche Claude.Marche at inria.fr
Fri Nov 9 17:21:18 CET 2012


As far as I know, there is no command-line tool of the Why3 suite that 
can create a session except why3ide.

There are already a lot of command-line options in all these tools, and 
it is not clear if there is a limit on the number of things one would 
like to do. However, it is the time to remember that Why3 is not only a 
set of command-line tools but also a OCaml library: I attach a .ml 
source file that examplifies how a session can be created from a given 
.why or .mlw file. My small program creates a new session, loads a file
in it, then traverses all the goals and attach new proof attempts to 
each of these goals: one proof attempt for each prover found in the 

My example just add the proof attempts but does not try to run any 
prover. See also examples/use_api.ml in the Why3 distrib for such an 

I hope it can serve as a good starting point for writing customized 
tools for anybody's specific needs.

- Claude

On 11/09/2012 02:52 PM, David MENTRE wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a way to create a new session file (why3session.xml) from command line?
> Currently, the only way I know to create this file is to use why3ide.
> Ideally, I would like something like "why3xxx -P alt-ergo -P cvc3
> file.why" to create file/why3session.xml with proof attempts for those
> two provers.
> As far as I know, "why3" command does not create the session file even
> if it launches the provers.
> Rationale:
>   * Create a session file from a Makefile;
>   * Create session file for a bunch of why3 files (about 90).
> Best regards,
> david
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This file builds a new session from a given file.

To each goal is added as many proof attempts as provers 
found in the configuration.


open Format

(* opening the Why3 library *)
open Why3

(* access to the Why configuration *)

(* reads the config file *)
let config : Whyconf.config = Whyconf.read_config None
(* the [main] section of the config file *)
let main : Whyconf.main = Whyconf.get_main config
(* all the provers detected, from the config file *)
let provers : Whyconf.config_prover Whyconf.Mprover.t =
  Whyconf.get_provers config

(* builds the environment from the [loadpath] *)
let env : Env.env = Env.create_env (Whyconf.loadpath main)

(* loading the drivers *)
let provers =
    (fun _ p acc ->
        let d = Driver.load_driver env p.Whyconf.driver [] in
      with e ->
        let p = p.Whyconf.prover in
        eprintf "Failed to load driver for %s %s: %a at ."
          p.Whyconf.prover_name p.Whyconf.prover_version
          Exn_printer.exn_printer e;
        exit 1)

(* a dummy keygen function for sessions *)
let keygen ?parent () = ()

(* create an empty session in the current directory *)
let env_session,_ =
  let dummy_session : unit Session.session = Session.create_session "." in
  Session.update_session ~keygen ~allow_obsolete:true dummy_session env config

(* adds a file in the new session *)
let file : unit Session.file = 
  let file_name = "examples/hello_proof.why" in
    Session.add_file keygen env_session file_name
  with e ->
    eprintf "@[Error while reading file@ '%s':@ %a at .@]" file_name
      Exn_printer.exn_printer e;
    exit 1

(* explore the theories in that file *)
let theories = file.Session.file_theories 
let () = eprintf "%d theories found at ." (List.length theories)

(* add proof attempts for each goals in the theories *)

let add_proofs_attempts g =
    (fun (p,d) ->
      let _pa : unit Session.proof_attempt =
          g p.Whyconf.prover Session.Scheduled
      in ()) 

let () =
    (fun th -> List.iter add_proofs_attempts th.Session.theory_goals)

(* save the session on disk *)
let () = Session.save_session config env_session.Session.session

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