[Why3-club] New release Why3 0.82

Claude Marché Claude.Marche at inria.fr
Thu Dec 12 17:57:23 CET 2013

A new release of Why3, version 0.82, is available from the Web page

Highlights of this release are:

- significant efficiency improvements both in terms of execution speed
and of memory usage
- support for many new provers and new version of provers.

A detailed list of changes is given below.

- Claude, for the Why3 team

(* marks an incompatible change)

  o lemma functions
  o polymorphic recursion permitted
  o opaque types
  o new prover: Metitarski (2.2, contribution by Piotr Trojanek)
  o new prover: Metis (2.3)
  o new prover: Beagle (0.4.1)
  o new prover: Princess (2013-05-13)
  o new prover: Yices2 (2.0.4)
  o new prover: Isabelle (2013-2, contribution by Stefan Berghofer)
  o new version of prover: Alt-Ergo 0.95.2
  o new version of prover: CVC4 1.1 & 1.2 & 1.3
  o new version of prover: Coq 8.4pl2
  o new version of prover: gappa 1.0.0
  o new version of prover: SPASS 3.8ds
  o new version of prover: veriT (201310)
  o API: more examples of use in  examples/use_api/
  o why3session csv can create graph with option
      --gnuplot [png|svg|pdf|qt]
  o shape algorithm modified (see VSTTE'13 paper) but is
    backward compatible thanks to shape_version numbers in
    why3session.xml files
  * options name and default of why3session csv changed
  * [emacs] why.el renamed to why3.el
  * [GTK sourceview] why.lang renamed to why3.lang
  * Loc.try[1-7] functions now take location as an optional parameter
  o [fix] remove extra leading zeros in decimal literals when a prover
    don't like them
  o [fix] PVS output: types are always non-empty
  o [fix] PVS: fixed configuration and installation process
  o [fix] Coq tactic: now loads dynamic plug-ins
  o [fix] bug #15493: correct Coq output for polymorphic algebraic data
  * [fix] wish #15053: Remove proof time from "Goals proved by only one
    prover" section of why3session info --stats
  o [fix] bug #13736: why3ml was slow when there are many inclusions
  o [fix] bug #16488: decimals in TPTP syntax
  o [fix] bug #16454: do not send arithmetic triggers anymore to
  o [fix] syntax highlighting bugs: should be fixed by removing the old
    language file alt-ergo.lang from alt-ergo distribution

Claude Marché                          | tel: +33 1 72 92 59 69
INRIA Saclay - Île-de-France           |
Université Paris-sud, Bat. 650         | http://www.lri.fr/~marche/
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