[Why3-club] plans about why/krakatoa ?

Claude Marche Claude.Marche at inria.fr
Fri Mar 22 16:07:53 CET 2019


To give an answer to this question: the maintenance of the why package, 
that was providing the Why3 front-ends for Java (Krakatoa) and C (the 
Jessie plug-in of Frama-C) depends on shallow human resources that are 
not sufficient for the upgrade to Why3 1.xx

There are currently on-going independent plans for successors of 
Krakatoa and Jessie, but if they ever come to existence, it will 
certainly be under the form of independent packages.

In other words, it is expected that the package called 'why' will never 
be updated anymore.

- Claude

PS: no need to be sad of course, 'Why' will live forever thanks to the 
software heritage project ;-)

Le 25/02/2019 à 10:20, Ralf Treinen a écrit :
> Hello why[3] team,
> I wonder what you plans are about why (not why3). The latest version
> available on http://krakatoa.lri.fr/ does not work with why3 >= 1.0.
> The question is what to do about the debian package - the current one
> is not usable with the why3 in debian. If there are no plans to
> update why then we will remove it fromn debian.
> -Ralf.

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